Penangkal Petir Tower Telekomunikasi - HITACHI The Tower Kit

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The Tower Kit -  Penangkal Petir Tower Telekomunikasi

Solusi paling komprehensif dan cost-effective untuk melindungi tower komunikasi terhadap sambaran petir dan akibatnya.

  • Sebuah paket hibrid penangkal petir yang menawarkan solusi proteksi paling optimal, maksimal dan komprehensif untuk diterapkan pada tower-tower telekomunikasi.
  • Memberikan sistem proteksi total terhadap semua area kritis sambaran petir baik terhadap sambaran petir langsung, sambaran petir tidak langsung, dan sistem grounding.


Highlight of System

  • The Most Cost Effective Lightning Protection Solution in the Market.
  • Prevents low intensity Lightning Strike Termination and Safely Collects all other incoming strikes in Protected Facility.
  • System designed to protect from close proximity step leader and does not draw strike to facility unnecessarily.
  • Reduces Lightning Secondary Effects on Electronic Equipment.
  • Maintenance-Free System.

Customer Benefits

  • Protects Customer’s Investment on Equipment.
  • Maintains Reliability of System by reducing Lightning Secondary Effects.
  • Maximizes Customer’s Equipment Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Avoids/ Reduces Lightning Related Equipment Downtime.
  • Safe Lightning Environment for Personnel within the Facility.
  • Maintains Continuity of Critical Operation .
  • Reduces Annual Maintenance Costs.

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